MEASURE is on GitHub!

posted Jun 15, 2017, 8:53 AM by Alessandra Bagnato

MEASURE - Measuring Software Engineering, Implementing a comprehensive set of tools for automated and continuous measurement is on GitHub!!

Check out our work and in particular our:

1) Repository of Measures implementations defined in SMM (Structured Metrics Meta-model) format, an executable OMG Standard which can be integrated to Measure Platform.  List of Measures Implementations :

2) Measure Platform is a web application which allow to collect , calculate , store and visualize measurements by execution of measures defined in SMM (Structured Metrics Metamodel)       

3) Measure Agent, The measure agent is a java application based on StringBoot which allow to register and execute Measure manager by the MeasurePlatform on client side Documentation :    

4) SMMMeasureApi, 
API allowing to define SMM measures which can be deployed on Measure Platform

    Provide Interfaces which has to be implemented to provide a Direct or a Derived measure
    Provide Interface and default implementation of measurements
    Provide helpers services to allow to package a SMM Measure

To define a new SMM Measure, please refered to documentation :