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SMM Designer

Extension for Modelio modeling tool dedication to measure models in SMM standard

This project is the first building block of the MEASURE project tool chain, the Modelio modeling tool enabled with the SMM Module developed based in Modelio’s open source distribution to allow the specification of metrics.

1) Repository of Measures implementations defined in SMM (Structured Metrics Meta-model) format, an executable OMG Standard which can be integrated to Measure Platform. List of Measures Implementations


2) Measure Platform is a web application which allow to collect , calculate , store and visualize measurements by execution of measures defined in SMM (Structured Metrics Metamodel)

3) Measure Agent, The measure agent is a java application based on StringBoot which allow to register and execute Measure manager by the MeasurePlatform on client side Documentation :

4) SMMMeasureApi, API allowing to define SMM measures which can be deployed on Measure Platform

API allowing to define SMM measures which can be deployed on Measure Platform.

Provide Interfaces which has to be implemented to provide a Direct or a Derived measure

Provide Interface and default implementation of measurements

Provide helpers services to allow to package a SMM Measure

To define a new SMM Measure, please refered to documentation : and to

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